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Dr. Mir Amir Ali (born Hyderabad Kingdom of Hyderabad, August 6, 1937 - Chicago, 2005) was an Indian scholar dedicated to the cause of Islam in North America; his life's mission was "to educate people about Islam". Amir Ali received a Ph.D. in biochemistry at the University of Illinois in 1972.

... to elevate the image of Islam and Muslims by providing the correct information about Islamic beliefs, history and civilization from the authentic sources. [1]

In 1985, Amir founded the Institute of Islamic Information & Education ( III&E) in Chicago. He started the Muslim International email newsletter and opened a personal website, ilaam.net.

I recognized the beginning of an organized hate campaign against Islam in 1979 and diagnosed that it had an excellent chance of success in America due to the ignorance of Islam in the masses. Ignorance is the mother of prejudice, hate and fear.

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