Massacre at Kunming

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Shuxing governing Yunnan temporarily whilst Hengchun was away, was strongly anti-Muslim. In his view, the Hui's powerful positions as merchants, caravaneers, miners, and soldiers lent them as he put it "strength far greater than their numbers".

After Hengchun left Kunming in early 1856 CE (1272 AH), a strongly anti muslim faction quickly began to take hold in Kunming. Composed of high provincial officials, including the provincial judge (fansi), the local elite, and several retired generals. This group formented a policy of attacking the Muslims in order to exterminate them. Those that opposed the factions tactics were labeled as traitors (hanjian) and were arrested.

This orchestrated violence peaked on 19th May 1856 (14th Ramadhan 1272) when Qingsheng the provincial judge , issued orders allowing "the authorized slaying of muslims without being held accountable (gesha wulun)- a directive some say was miswritten when posted to read "kill them one and all"

One chinese official described the subsequent events as follows "Then every Muslim family within the provinsial capital , regardless if they where men, or women , young or old, were all mercilessly killed" The massacre lasted three days and three nights. The cities five mosques were looted and torched. Within 72 hours as many as four thousand Muslims had been slaughtered.

The Governer Hengchun told Beijing that "if the extermination of the Hui is the only goal of the han Chinese, not only will the muslims never yield, but it will precipitate the Han Suffering.



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