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Native Americans and Islam There are numerous accounts of Muslims who were intergrated within Native Indian tribes pre Columbus, of Turkic, Moorish and African Muslims leaving colonies to live amongst the Native Indians. There are also historical letters and colonial advertisments describing the threat to the colonies of African Muslim Slaves fleeing and intergrating with the Native American Indians.


In 1586 English pirate Sir Francis Drake commanded thirty English ships, made a daring rade against the Spanish of the coast of Brazil. During this raid, Drake liberated some 400 prisoners, 300 of them estimated to be Moorish and Turkish galley slaves, as well as some South American Indians. On his return he picked up stranded English on Roanake Island, and unloaded around 200 of the captives, returning with the remaining 100 to be ransomed to the Turkish Dominons. On his return two weeks later, the prisoners were gone as where the small rowing boats that where left behind.

In South Carolina, colonists became so concerned about the possible threat posed by the mixed African and Indian population that was arising as runaway Africans escapted to the Indians that they passed a new law in 1725. This law stipulated a fine of 200 pounds on anyone who even brought a slave to the frontier regions of the colony. In 1751 the colony of South Carolina found it necessary to issue another law, warning that having Africans in proximity to Indians was deemed detrimental to the security of the colony.

In 1726 the British governor of colonial New York exacted a promise from the Iroquois Indians to return all runaway slaves who had joined up with them. This same promise was extracted from the Huron Indians in 1764 and from the Delaware Indians in 1765. Despite their promises, no esacaped slaves were ever returned by these tribes, who continued to provide a safe and secure home for escaped slaves.

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