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History of Islam In America
The Beginnings 13121600
Native Americans and Islam 13001900
Muslims First Journey To America 1312 CE (711 AH)
Christopher Columbus 1492 CE (897 AH)
Estevanico 1538 CE (944 AH)
Slavery in the Americas 1538 CE (944 AH)
Melungeons 1600 CE (1008 AH)
Blackamoor 1639 CE (1048 AH)
Islam In America 18th Century 17001799
Mahomet Weyonomon 1708 CE (1119 AH)
Lamine Jay 1730 CE (1142 AH)
Job Ben Solomon Jallo 1730 CE (1142 AH)
Abel Conder 1753 CE (1166 AH)
Kunta Kinte 1767 CE (1180 AH)
Runaway Slaves 17691790
Peter Saleem 1775 CE (1188 AH)
Ibrahim Abd ar-Rahman 1788 CE (1202 AH)
Yusef Ben Ali 1790 CE (1204 AH)
Islam In America 19th Century 18001899
Salih Bilali 1803 CE (1217 AH)
Yarrow Mamout 1807 CE (1221 AH)
Abraham of the Micanopy Indian Tribe 1812 CE (1226 AH)
Umar ibn Said 17701864
Lamine Kebe 1835 CE (1250 AH)
Islam In America 20th Century 19001999
Islam In America 21st Century 2000–Present

Salih Yucel a religious official at the Redfern mosque in Sydney, spent time in America researching the early islamic influence on America

One of his findings was that many of the Americas place names have islamic roots, and where named before the arrival of the Europeans, thus strengthening the evidence of the existance of west african , and uthmanic muslims in the Americas before Columbus

“The names of 565 places, 484 of them being in the US and 81 in Canada, such as the names of villages, towns, cities, mountains, lakes, and rivers, come from Islamic and Arabic roots. These places were originally named by local people before Columbus ever set foot in America. Some of these names are even Islamic place names, examples such as:

  • Mecca (with a population of 720) in Indiana; founded in 1873 CE (1289 AH) by Arab Muslims
  • Medina ( with a population of 2100) in Idaho;
  • Medina (with a population of 8,500) in New York;
  • Medina (with a population of 1,100) in North Dakota
  • Hazen (with a population of 5,000) in North Dakota;
  • Medina (with a population of 17,000) and
  • Medina (with a population of 120.000) in Ohio
  • Medina (with a population of 1,100) in Tennessee
  • Medina (with a population of 26,000) in Texas
  • Medina (with a population of 1,200) in Ontario
  • Aria (with a population of 700) in Ontario;
  • Mahomet (with a population of 3,200) in Illinois;

  • Mona (with a population of 1,000) in Utah. When the indigenous tribe names are examined in the US, it is understood that most of them derive from Arabic and Islamic roots. These are names such as, Anasazi, Apache, Arawak, Arikana, Chavin, Cherokee, Cree, Hohokam, Hupa, Hopi, Makkah, Mahigan, Mohawk, Nazca, Zulu, Zuni.


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